Digitalization is the phenomenon of the digital transformation of societies, businesses, and
industries and the improvement of value chain processes through digital solutions. It
should not be confused with digitization which is the process of converting information into a digital format. Digitalization is not a new concept, but the lowered costs of sensing, actuating, networking, and computing have enabled novel ways of implementing digital
solutions and services.
Digitalization is bringing about substantial cost savings, increased efficiency and flexibility across different industries, and transforming business models. Digital solutions, such as remote diagnostic services and machine learning, enabled by free-flowing data between smart connected things are anticipated to help cope with diminishing resources. However, while sensor and networking technologies have improved and cheapened simultaneously, and data has proved its worth as a valuable resource, the reality especially in the energy and process industry is that plants are still very siloed systems.
Steam Turbines are expensive and delicate systems operating in extreme conditions, so the sensor and automated maintenance capabilities are limited. Furthermore, most of the research covering the digitalization of turbines, i.e. remote monitoring and diagnostics, optimization, and digitalized maintenance solutions, focuses on Steam Turbines and
Combined Cycle Power Plants (CCPP). These systems have different setups, face different challenges, and serve different use cases compared to Steam Turbines plants, and hence also their value chain and digitalization opportunities differ.
The objective is to map the benefits of digitalized asset management for Steam Turbines. This is done by first detailing problems, challenges, and needs in Steam Turbines asset management that the experts in related subfields have identified both recently and throughout the years of plant operation.
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