Solar thermal power is becoming one of the most popular for generating power. The reasons for this are obvious: The sun is an inexhaustible source of power production. And it is not only a free fuel source but also a completely emissions-free source. Steam turbine generator converts solar energy into electricity and allows the optimum use of every solar beam incident

Principle of operation: Mirrors concentrate the incident solar radiation onto a receiver where it is converted into heat that is used to produce steam to drive a steam turbine. Heat storage systems like molten salt tanks provide power supply even during unfavorable weather conditions or at night. They significantly increase the number of full-load operation hours with optimal steam turbine efficiency

Solar plants require steam turbines that are optimized for their complex and challenging cycle conditions.

Day and night cycle often requires a large number of starts and fast daily startup capabilities from steam turbines. When focusing on annual power production, the short start-up times of the turbines are of great benefit to the concentrated solar plants.

Depending on the amount of sunlight, they may run at full or partial load, or at night idle. This means that the steam turbines must handle daily starts and stops and are thus exposed to substantial stresses. So it is essential that the turbines are especially well suited for use in solar-thermal power plants and that they are designed to start and stop quickly.

“The faster the plant can power up, the sooner it can generate power,” Every additional minute of production yields additional income and makes the power plant more cost-effective,”.

Turtle turbines have the capability for designing and developing such quick start turbines for such demanding conditions of Solar power plants.