Purchasing of capital equipment is considered as a fixed asset, thus steam turbine, to be capitalized and depreciated over the period of the economic life of the equipment. Since the steam turbine is such capital equipment that pays you back by generating power continuously, hence it’s should be bought cautiously to ensure it’s a long operation without much interruption.

Steam turbines are sandwiched between boiler and process on the steam side and between grid, DG power, and other sources on the electrical side. Its cost is not only limited to product cost but other investments on steam piping, its accessories, cabling, panels, and civil work are also associated with it. Hence success or failure of Steam Turbine also wins or fails the other investment which can be called a life cycle cost.

The operation and maintenance cost of the turbine needs to be taken into consideration while Purchasing a Steam Turbine. Cost of Spares and Services is a recurring cost and thus is very important over the entire life of the Steam Turbine. Some Steam Turbines require Turbine Operators or Attendants 24 X 7 and some are well designed to operate in an Automated Control System. It is always preferable to consider the cost of Operation while making decisions on a particular make of Steam Turbine. In absence of such wholistic considerations, the Purchase decision may result in short-term benefits but recurring losses over the life of the Steam Turbine.

Turtle Turbines considers not only the initial cost of the Steam Turbine but the entire Product Life Cost of the Turbine as its primary design criterion.

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