Process Industries like Chemical, Distillery, Paper Mill and Dairy require low-pressure steam for heating applications. Hence low to medium pressure boilers are used in the process industry for generating steam.

“For heating always dry and saturated steam is required”. From a Medium or High-pressure boiler steam is passed through Pressure Reducing Valve and De-Superheater to provide at required process pressure. There is considerable heat or enthalpy loss that occurs at PRV in pressure reducing process.

A micro or a Back Pressure Steam Turbine can be installed to recover this loss happening in the PRV. Turtle Turbines has supplied many turbines which are generating power in 18 different types of the industry across many regions in the world.

For the successful installation of Steam Turbines, proper Application engineering, knowledge of the process, Turbine design for dry and saturated steam turbines, and study of steam and plant electrical load are the key points.

Turtle Turbines is one of the most reputed Steam Turbine Manufacturers In India.