Many industrial plants produce steam at a higher pressure than is required by process requirements. To reduce the pressure of steam from boiler pressure to process pressure, pressure-reducing valves (PRV) are installed at various points throughout the steam distribution system. A Pressure Reducing Steam Turbine works are a rotary Pressure Reducing Valve and converts the pressure energy into electrical power.

VAPORPOWER – Micro Turbine
VAPOR POWER – Micro Turbine

Shaft power is generated in the Turbine by directing high-pressure steam jets against the turbine’s rotor blades. The rotor is connected to an electrical generator through a shaft. Steam is not consumed in the Pressure Reducing steam turbine, it merely lowers the steam pressure.

Pressure Reducing Turbine
Pressure Reducing Turbine

Pressure Reducing Turbine can be used in all the process industries that use low or medium-pressure steam. These industries include Vegetable Oil Refineries, Milk Processing Plants, Chemical Process Industries. Rice Mills, Dyeing and Textile, etc., The Pressure Reducing Turbine is installed parallel to the Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV). Besides generating free power, the Pressure Reducing Turbine controls the exhaust pressure more accurately than the PRV. This is known to provide more consistent process temperature thus improving the process plants’ product quality.