inventor Le Grand Skinner founded Skinner Engine Company in 1868. The first factory was built in Herkimer, New York. Skinner build Steam Engines,  converting steam energy into mechanical energy. High Pressure Steam expands in the Steam Engine cylinder to drive a piston back and forth. This was the core idea behind the Steam Engine. The mechanical power thus generated from the Steam Engine was used drive the machinery and drive ships and boats.

To support his business expansion plans Mr. Le Grand Skinner shifted the manufacturing facility to Erie, Pennsylvania in 1873. Erie provided easy access to rail and water ways which allowed the expansion of Skinner’s customer base. In land-based and marine applications, the Skinner “Unaflow” engine was most widely used. It had an unique design which worked very effectively.  Several US Navy Ships were fitted with Skinner’s Unaflow Engine during World War II.

Mr. Le Grand Skinner was a great business leader and the Skinner company expanded hugely until his death in 1922. The business continued continued under the leadership of Le Grand Skinner’s son Allen and then his son J. Le Grand Skinner. Since then the company ownership has changed hands but the Skinner’s legacy of supplying world-class Skinner Steam Turbine has continued even to this day.

Skinner manufactures Single Stage Steam Turbines up to 2000 HP. Various Steam Turbine models cover this power range. Skinner Steam Turbines are designed to operate up to inlet pressures of 900 PSIG and Temperatures to and 900 deg F. Steam Steam Turbine can deliver back pressure upto 150 PSIG. Skinner builds complete Turbine Generator Sets (TG sets) up to 1.25 MW. Skinner Steam Turbines are manufactured to the worlds best industry standards such as API 611, NEMA, etc.,

Turtle Turbines (P) Ltd, (formerly Biogreen Energy Systems Pvt Ltd.,) represents Skinner Steam Turbine in India, South East, and African Countries. Skinner Steam Turbine is imported into India and a complete system is manufactured in Turtle Turbines’ factory in India.