Continuous steam supply is required for effective distillation and to maintain the operating cost.

In distilleries, steam is employed in a number of processes to produce hot water and regulate the temperature of the water during distillation. Steam is needed to clean and sterilize the equipment.
Not only the volume of steam is important depending on the production batch but the quality of steam is also essential to the distillation process. high-quality steam is needed for effective product distillation.

Steam distillation is carried out by passing low-pressure dry steam through the plant material whereby the steam volatile compounds are volatilized, condensed, and collected in receivers.
High pressure, superheated steam is produced by the boiler. In PRV/PRDS, this steam is lowered to the necessary pressure. Additionally, the steam temperature is controlled using a de-superheater. The co-generation solution provided by turtle turbines substitutes the PRS by installing back pressure or extraction steam turbine which provides uninterrupted steam flow at desired quality and also generated power.

The power generated by such steam turbines in the distillery directly reduces the demand for power from the grid. The cost of generating power in Distillery through co-generation is reduced to 40 to 50 %. At the same time, grid power costs almost twice to thrice the cost of co-generated power.
Every single production process needs energy, so generating electricity on-site using turtle turbine back pressure solutions lowers the production’s upfront costs. Cutting down the monthly electricity bills and delivering the desired quality of steam with an uninterrupted flow is the best solution for every distillation plant