Any process industry that generates steam for their process heating has an opportunity to generate electrical power using a Steam Turbine Generator. So the application of steam turbine will be in below three categories,
A. Energy Conservation
B. Co-Generation
C. Cative Power

An Energy conservation application is that where the plant is having small or medium pressure mostly saturated boiler and steam is being used at lower pressure in the process. There exists a possibility of power generation using a Micro Steam Turbine.

For Co-generation applications like in Distilleries, Sugar, Paper mills, etc. the selection of Boilers from medium pressure to high pressure with Superheated steam is done to meet the fully or partial total electrical load of the plant. Mainly Back Pressure, Extraction Back Pressure, or Extraction Condensing type of Steam Turbines are used for Co-generation.

For a captive power application, the steam turbines are designed with only the purpose of power generation due to lack of local grid power availability or utilize the waste heat generated from the process or many such reasons. For such applications fully condensing steam turbines are used.

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