Steam Turbines are essential to any Industry where there is the usage of Steam to reduce the energy cost of that industry. Steam Turbines are used in Oil and Gas, Chemical plants, Distillery, Food processing Industry, or industries where steam is a by-product.
In order to reduce the energy cost, the Steam Turbines are used extensively in process industries. It is important to ensure that the Steam Turbines that we plan to purchase are dependable and are configured in such a way that operating the Steam Turbine will not be a burden on the Plant owner or Business Owner. The Steam Turbine needs to integrate seamlessly with the utility as well the process side of the plant while catering power.
Steam Turbines can be broadly classified as Backpressure Steam Turbines and Condensing Steam Turbines besides other extraction combinations with each of these. Backpressure Steam Turbines are used in the process industry or in an industry where steam is utilized in the process. The condensing type Steam Turbines are used where the steam has no use in any process or duty to perform after exiting the Turbine.
Before purchasing the Steam Turbine, process steam requirement, future expansion plan, electrical load, availability of electricity from the grid, cost of grid power are considered to arrive at the Steam Turbine capacity and type of Steam Turbine. Once these details are finalized, based upon the process steam load, the total power requirement and the potential to generate power through Steam Turbine are studied and the suitable type and capacity of Steam Turbine are decided.
On the commercial side of the decision, it’s very important to consider the Total Ownership Cost of the Turbine. This involves the initial investment, installation costs, operating costs, and maintenance costs. A wise buyer will target reducing the TCO instead of only looking at the initial investment as the deciding factor.

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