Steam Turbines are generally used to extract thermal energy from pressurized steam and use it to do mechanical work which is further converted into electrical power.
Depending upon the power requirements steam parameters and boilers specifications are decided. Boilers are available at Critical-Pressure, High-Pressure, Medium-Pressure, and Low-Pressure.
Low-pressure Steam Turbines are specially designed to work with Dry and Saturated Steam Boilers. In process industries, as per the requirement of power generation, low-pressure boilers or medium-pressure boilers are selected. The low pressure boilers usually range from 10.5 kg/cm^2 (g) to 28 kg/cm^2 (g).
For Low-Pressure saturated steam boilers, power generation with Low-Pressure Steam Turbines can be feasible. Since the steam is available in Dry and Saturated conditions, the design of the Turbine should be done cautiously. For such conditions, more care should be given to moisture content or steam quality than aiming for power generation.

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