The micro steam turbine is a small-scale turbine that generates mechanical or electrical energy from high-pressure steam. It has a lower power output compared to larger steam turbines, but it is well suited for a range of applications in various industries such as power generation, waste heat recovery, and cogeneration plants. Micro steam turbines have several advantages over large steam turbines including compact size, low cost, high efficiency, and versatility in terms of fuel source and application. Micro steam turbines for Uganda are also relatively very easy to install and maintain, making them a popular choice for small-scale energy production projects.

While searching for a micro steam turbine for sale in Uganda, it’s important to consider factors such as the specifications of the micro steam turbine, compatibility with your system, and the reputation of the supplier before making a purchase.
Following are micro steam turbine ranges for sale in Uganda.
Micro steam turbines for sale in Uganda are ratings from 30 to 300 kW. This range-type micro steam turbine is operated with low steam pressure at 15 barg only. The turbine also works with a higher pressure of up to 30 barg Or even at a lower pressure of 10.5 barg. Micro steam turbines for sale in Uganda from this range require saturated 98% dry steam. If superheated steam is used then the consumption reduces drastically. Mirco steam turbine for sale in Uganda from the range of 30kW to 300kW are used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Micro steam turbine for sale in Uganda are used in processing plants such as agricultural products, tea, coffee, cotton grains, dairy products, and edible oils. All these industries have energy demand hence we introduced micro steam turbines for Uganda. All these industries consume steam and use PRV to reduce the pressure as per the requirement of process pressure. Instead of PRV, steam turbines or micro steam turbines for Uganda can be utilized to correct processes and generate maximum power. All these industries consume lots of steam and this turtle turbine introduced micro steam turbines for sale in Uganda a power source for individuals company becomes the most economical source of power.

Most dairy plants, small distilleries, and food processing industries use micro steam turbines in Uganda.

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