The process industry in Zambia is booming and many businesses are looking for reliable sources of steam turbines to power their operations. Steam turbine technology is revolutionizing process industries in Zambia. With the help of Turtle Turbines, a reliable steam turbine manufacturer, Zambia can achieve energy independence by utilizing Mini Co-Generation solutions when the Power Industry is predicting lesser power generation from the Hydro Power Plant due to shortfalls of Rains.

Co-generation is the process of producing both electrical and thermal energy from the same source. The process industry is highly dependent upon reliable sources of energy. This is why Turtle Turbines is the suitable partner to help facilitate the transition to Mini-co-generation.

Turtle Turbines offers a wide range of steam turbines that are designed to meet the needs of Zambia‚Äôs process industry. Their products are designed to be highly efficient and reliable, ensuring that power is always available when needed. The steam turbines are also designed to be easy to install and maintain. This helps to reduce the amount of downtime and keeps the process industry running smoothly.