The heat and Mass Balance Diagram (HMBD) is the graphical representation of the heat and mass balance of a steam turbine-based power plant system. The use of HMBD is for knowing steam quantity during a power cycle, Turbine power output, sizing of the de-superheater, and quantity of steam going into the process. Usually, HMBD is prepared and submitted by a Steam Turbine Manufacturer and sometimes by a boiler manufacturer too.

In the case of a Back Pressure Steam Turbine, if the steam at the inlet of the Turbine is superheated then the quality of steam getting at the outlet of a Steam Turbine is also usually superheated. On the other hand, the steam quality required in the process is dry and saturated. So HMBD always helps in deciding the quantity of spray water required in the de-superheater to supply saturated steam to the process at the desired rate. In the case of Condensing Steam Turbines, HMBD plays a vital role in sizing the Boiler and Vacuum Condenser, besides other system design parameters.

By using HMBD the deaerator steam and water quantity, condensate return quantity, and make-up water quantity can be easily mapped.

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