The Activated Carbon Industry faces significant challenges in decarbonization and achieving sustainable energy practices. As the industry evolves towards cleaner and more efficient production methods, the integration of advanced technologies becomes crucial. This case study delves into a groundbreaking initiative in the Philippines, where a Back Pressure Steam Turbine is supplied by Turtle Turbines and a Saturated Steam Waste Heat Recovery Boiler is supplied by Thermax Limited to drive decarbonization efforts and facilitate sustainable energy generation.

The Back Pressure Steam Turbine supplied by Turtle Turbines serves as a key component in the energy transformation of the activated carbon production process. This technology harnesses the energy potential of steam, which is abundantly generated in various industrial processes. In conjunction with the turbine, a Saturated Steam Waste Heat Recovery Boiler supplied by Thermax Limited captures and repurposes excess heat generated during the production process. This combined approach exemplifies a commitment to maximizing energy efficiency in the carbon black production sector.

Technology Integration:
The synergy between the Back Pressure Steam Turbine supplied of 350kW capacity by Turtle Turbines and the Waste Heat Recovery Boiler suppled by Thermax Limited has resulted in an integrated and efficient energy generation system. The waste heat recovery boiler captures high-temperature exhaust gases and converts them into saturated steam. This steam is then directed to the Back Pressure Steam Turbine, where it is expanded to generate mechanical power. The combined heat and power generation system not only reduces the carbon footprint but also enhances the overall energy efficiency of the production process. The integration of these technologies marks a significant step towards cleaner and sustainable energy practices in the activated carbon industry.

Operational Impact:
The installation of the Back Pressure Steam Turbine and Saturated Steam Waste Heat Recovery Boiler in a carbon black production facility in the Philippines has yielded impressive results since its installation in year 2015. The system has a power generation capacity of 350 kW, contributing substantially to the facility’s energy needs. The incorporation of combined heat and power generation not only reduces the reliance on conventional energy sources but also minimizes greenhouse gas emissions. This operational shift aligns with global efforts to transition towards cleaner energy alternatives and underscores the feasibility of sustainable practices in energy-intensive industries.

The case study on the integration of a Back Pressure Steam Turbine and a Saturated Steam Waste Heat Recovery Boiler in the activated carbon industry highlights the transformative impact of advanced technologies on decarbonization and sustainable energy practices. By harnessing the untapped energy potential within industrial processes, this initiative not only addresses environmental concerns but also demonstrates the economic viability of such solutions. As industries worldwide seek innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint, this case study serves as a compelling example of how technology-driven solutions can drive positive change in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

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