Step into the annals of industrial history, where innovation meets entrepreneurship. This blog pays homage to Le Grand Skinner, the visionary founder of Skinner Engine Company which was taken over by others and took on a new name of Skinner Power Systems, whose pioneering spirit and engineering acumen laid the foundation for a legacy that continues to shape the world of power generation.

Section 1: The Genesis of a Visionary
Discover the early life and influences that shaped Le Grand Skinner’s journey. From his formative years to the inception of his vision, delve into the moments that fueled the passion and determination behind the creation of Skinner Engine Company p division of which started manufacturing Steam Turbines and later on came to be known as Skinner Power Systems, Erie PA.

Section 2: Skinner Engine Company – A Legacy Unveiled
Explore the establishment of Skinner Engine Company and its ascent as a leading force in the manufacturing of high-quality engines. Le Grand Skinner’s commitment to precision engineering and innovative solutions set the company on a trajectory of success that would withstand the test of time. The trajectory continued into the new decision taken over by Skinner Power Systems which built Steam Turbines.

Section 3: Engineering Excellence
Unravel the engineering marvels that defined Skinner Engine Company’s reputation. Le Grand Skinner’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology resulted in engines and later on Steam Turbines that were not just reliable but also ahead of their time, contributing significantly to the industrial landscape.

Section 4: The Human Touch
Examine Le Grand Skinner’s philosophy on business and people. From fostering a culture of innovation within his company to prioritizing customer relationships, Skinner’s legacy extends beyond machinery, reflecting a commitment to the human aspects of industry. Skinner stood for the motto “Service what you Sell”

Section 5: Adapting to Changing Times
Witness how Skinner Engine Company adapted to the evolving landscape under Le Grand Skinner’s leadership. From wartime contributions to addressing the energy challenges of the industrial revolution, by also manufacturing Steam Turbines, the company’s ability to adapt mirrored the foresight and resilience of its founder.

Le Grand Skinner’s legacy endures as a testament to the power of visionary thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. Skinner Engine Company, under his leadership, not only thrived but became synonymous with engineering excellence. As we reflect on the journey of this visionary founder, we are reminded that behind every industrial marvel lies the brilliance of individuals like Le Grand Skinner, who dared to dream and shape the world through their innovation and perseverance. We at Turtle Turbines (formerly Biogreen Energy Systems) are proud to be have worked with Skinner Power Systems, Erie, USA for more than a decade, as their Authorised and Exclusive Sales & Service Representatives for India and surrounding counties.

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